NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences

Life is about breaking through boundaries. At our international university of applied sciences, we want to encourage you each day to discover and develop through your talents. To guide you on a journey that will take you beyond the borders of your education, help you to look beyond your own field and through collaboration with others.

When we talk to our students about their experience and why they chose to study at NHL Stenden, it is this journey of development that stands out. And there are six reasons in particular that help students on their journey: six reasons why we believe you should most definitely, without a doubt, come study at NHL Stenden.

It’s not just that NHL Stenden is a high- ranking university of applied sciences, but it’s also the top-quality education we offer, #reason1, comes from the relevance the programmes have to the working world and the expertise our staff share. And there’s the added bonus that Dutch tuition fees and the cost of living are surprisingly low, so your top- quality education is also affordable, #reason6.

Your personal development is our priority at NHL Stenden and our innovative educational concept, #reason3, helps you on your way. It’s a concept that encourages you to develop your ideas, voice your opinion and take initiative. It’s a great way to prepare for your future line of work and develop excellent career prospects, #reason4.

Our global network, #reason2, not only helps further your career prospects but also offers opportunities for collaborating with international companies and with our partner institutes. And you get to spend part of your study abroad, for instance through our Grand Tour Network which can take you to Bali, Qatar, South Africa, Thailand, China and Italy.

Whichever destination you choose, you are sure to gain plenty of international and cultural experience and have a fantastic time while you do. Because we understand there’s more to being a student than just work, you want a great student life too, #reason5. From the buzz of the city to the quiet of the country, with the facilities and network we have in place you can get the most out of your time as a student.

At NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences we offer a wide range of English-taught Bachelor and Master studies in the fields of management, hospitality and tourism, creative business and media studies, business management, information technology, international teacher education to name a few.

Join our global network and become a citizen of the world with unlimited opportunities. 

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