Frequently Asked Questions


Free membership is for individual use only. If you are interested in signing up as an organization, you can find more information on our Premium Memberships page. Please feel free to Contact Us!

EduNed is free for individual use. We also have premium memberships available for schools and universities.

The idea to build EduNed is based on feedback from students we have worked with as an education consultancy company during the past four years. Students indicate that they want to be able to have easy access to recruiters, student ambassadors, agents and tutors. At the same time, they want to follow the institutions they are interested in and manage the flow of information from these institutions on a single platform.

EduNed is an study abroad platform that is designed to facilitate interaction between schools/universities and prospective students.


Parents can use the Other Individual profile type.

All free profile types that are available through the Signup Form are for individual use only. Currently we have Premium Memberships available for schools and universities. Feel free to Contact Us for more information.

EduNed is a platform that is designed to facilitate interaction between prospective students and schools/universities in a way that is comparable to a study abroad fair. Such interactions are mostly related to potential school/university applications and always take place between real people with real names.

Membership is open to everyone interested in studying abroad. In order to protect the quality of the platform, all signups are subject to approval. For more about this, please read our Signup Info page. Additionally, all members have to adhere to our Terms of Service.